One Humble Sausage

for the sausage making enthusiast


The Perfect Sausage


Equipment Required:

  • Sausage filler or stuffer
  • Meat mincer

While there are machines that combine stuffing and filling in one, it's best to do them separately or your sausages can end up too moist.


  • Soak your casings for the correct amount of time. (See our Casing Preparation Guide for instructions.)
  • Prepare your mix – different types of sausages require different mixes
  1. Place the sausage mix into a piping bag or stuffing machine with an appropriate sized nozzle for the casing.
  2. Remove the casing from the water and slide one end onto the piping nozzle, sliding right along the nozzle until you come to the other end of the casing. Tie a knot in this end of the casing and slide right up to the nozzle.
  3. Begin piping the sausage mix into the casing, ensuring the meat is filling casings evenly. Once full, tie off near the end.
  4. Pinch and twist the casing at six-inch intervals several times to create your sausages, alternating directions.
  5. Once the above has been completed, sausages need to be hung in a cool, dry place for around 24 hours. This gives the casings time to dry out, and the flavours time to steep and develop to their full potential.
  6. 24-hours later, your sausages are ready for eating.

Note: Before starting, inspect all work surfaces and equipment to ensure they are scrupulously clean.