One Humble Sausage

for the sausage making enthusiast




Hanging your freshly made sausages is an essential step to ensure that mix binds together properly and that flavours can develop to their full potential. If you’re not using preservatives, we’d recommend hanging for at least three to six hours under refrigeration before eating or freezing the remainder. It’s also a good idea to cover the hanging sausages in a food grade plastic bag to stop the sausages from drying out and capture any leaking juices.

Some specialist sausages such as blood sausage, liverwurst or fresh kielbasa are poached before cooling whilst dry varieties like Salami require maturation via constant temperature and humidity monitoring over a number of weeks or months. During this process, the sausage may end up losing fifty percent of its original weight due to water loss and mould often begins to appear on the casing.