One Humble Sausage

for the sausage making enthusiast




One of best things about sausages is that they can be cooked in so many different ways with each producing their own distinct flavour. From poaching, smoking and grilling to baking in a casserole, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re grilling on the BBQ try to keep all the sausages apart so that the heat is able to penetrate each sausage evenly. Use a good olive oil and begin cooking on a low heat before rising to medium in order to prevent the casing from bursting. Turn the sausage every two minutes and allow ten to fifteen minutes for the overall grill. Carry out a physical inspection of the meat to ensure it’s cooked through. If you’re still unsure whether the sausage is ready, place your finger on the meat to check that its sizzling hot inside. DO NOT PRICK THE SAUSAGES during the cooking process!

Smoking and poaching sausages is a great alternative to grilling and is certainly a crowd pleaser. The idea of both techniques is to heat up and hold the internal temperature of the sausage at just under seventy degrees Celsius for an extended period of time. The sausage remains plump, juicy and will impart a magnificent smoky flavour if you choose to smoke them. For an extra flavour kick try poaching alongside fresh field mushrooms or whole spices.

Now let’s get cooking!