One Humble Sausage

for the sausage making enthusiast




When diners read ‘blood sausage sanga’ on a menu they might fall back in their chair and wonder what kind of eating experience they’re really getting themselves into…. I can assure you this contemporary creation is delicious and has proven to be a real banger for all those that have dared to give it a whirl. 

Head Chef, Mat Lindsay, has shaped most of the dishes around his impressive wood-fired oven centrepiece and the blood sausage is no different. A bite-sized, steamed white bread square delicately holds the lightly grilled sausage in place. Caramelised onions and mustard aioli tops off the dish and balances out the blood and spice mix perfectly. The recipe offers a fresh, modern-day spin on a traditional sausage variety that has lost its ‘cool’ persona over the last decade. An Australian sausage masterpiece!

Head Chef

Mat Lindsay