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The Gourmet Sausage Company


If you've ever bought a really good sausage from your local IGA or supermarket it’s likely to be hand-crafted by the guys at The Gourmet Sausage Company.  With over sixteen varieties on offer and a stack of awards to show for their efforts, it’s clear these guys do it for the love of sausages. Pat and Joe pride themselves on using the freshest ingredients sourced from surrounding Sydney markets and a strict seventy/thirty meat to spices ratio that enables them to create the ultimate sausage. The guys are also incredibly approachable so if you have any ideas or questions about sausage making they are definitely worth a visit.

Sydney Royal Fine Food Show
Gold 13
Silver 12
Bronze 12

Head Butchers

Michael Lacaria, Ricardo Fioravanti, Pat Lopresti & Joe Lopresti