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After first practising the art of butchery as an apprentice in the Turramurra store throughout his younger years, Jason decided to take over this little gem in the early nineties. Since then he’s firmly established himself amongst his peers as an Australian expert in German wurst smallgoods. As you pass through the store you’re constantly reminded of his success with numerous awards proudly displayed on the cabinets for all to see. His clinical approach, use of fresh produce and loyalty to traditional German techniques has produced beauties such as the infamous Nuremberg Bratwurst, Chicken Bratwurst and Continental Frankfurter (now this is what a hot dog should really taste like, none of this mass-produced, artificial business!). His double smoked ham is also amazing and definitely adds a new dimension to the ham and cheese toasty we’re all used to. Worth a visit in our opinion, especially if you appreciate a butcher with a genuine passion for the practice.  

Sydney Royal Fine Food Show
Gold 11, 12
Silver 11, 12
Bronze 11, 12

Sausage King Awards
State Finalist 12

Head Butchers

Jason Douglas